#827: London’s Best Fish & Chips


In London, you’re never more than a 5-minute walk from a chippy. These humble British institutions dot our streets to save whole neighbourhoods from any potential deep fried emergencies.

Our local chippy even doubles as a Chinese takeaway (oddly versatile, these places).

While deep fried potato sticks from the chippy will do for pie night at home, they aren’t really places you’d want to go to for proper fish and chips. In fact, they aren’t really placed you’d want to admit you go to.

#827: Poppies Fish & Chips


On a gorgeous, nearly summer-like afternoon, three Americans and a Brit dove into the adorable Poppies Fish & Chips, in the shadows of Spitalfields Market.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is delightfully retro, with a jukebox and all. This fish and chips shop could be the long-lost sibling of the old-school American diner.


As soon as we were settled, it was time for the main event. Bring on the fish and chips.



Drum roll please, ladies and gentlemen: These are London’s best fish and chips (not something you say lightly in this town), and not surprisingly it’s also in the ranks of London’s 100 Best Dishes.

Both were cooked to perfection, and the portion was giant (borderline American-sized).

Poppies is a bit pricier than your average fish and chips takeaway, but I had a plate-sized reason in front of me that completely justified it.


Apologies to all friends and family who visited before I knew Poppies existed. Many not-so-nice pub-grub fish and chips were forced upon you.

But that just means you’ll have to come back now that I know the perfect place for that quintessential and delightfully quaint British meal.



  1. Ahh nothing beats a good ol’ bag of British chips. I miss them! When I was younger, we also used to eat Saveloy sausages – not sure if you’ve seen them? Stay away!

  2. Never seen or heard of those sausages until I just googled them… now I’m glad I haven’t! 😉

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