#160: Learn to Scuba Dive at London School of Diving

scuba diving goggles london school of diving

You won’t find any coral reefs here, but a scuba diving taster session at the London School of Diving is a fantastic way to strap on the tanks and see what it’s like explore 10 metres under.

I found one place in London that’s positively tropical, and that’s in the basement of a nondescript building surrounded by industrial estates in Chiswick.

Um, what?

Scuba diving safety at London School of Diving.

London Thing 160 of 1000: Scuba dive

I didn’t know much of anything about scuba diving, but really became interested when I stumbled across an article a few years ago about diving and exploring a shipwreck in England’s Scilly Isles. Even though I lost the link long ago, but the idea has been stuck in my mind ever since. That’s a thing that people can do?!

But getting the full PADI scuba certification is expensive, not something to splurge on if I decided that diving wasn’t actually for me.

So I was excited to find that the London School of Diving in Chiswick offers a 1.5-hour taster course for just £25, something that was sure not to kill the budget or the enthusiasm.

The other half and I signed up for a Friday evening session, and it was just the two of us and a couple of 9 year olds that had already done the course a few times, so were sure to show us how things were done.

After a quick safety briefing, we went downstairs to suit up.

Scuba diving flippers London School of Diving

Scuba diving vests London School of Diving

Our instructor selected the fins, goggles, tank and vest we’d need and helped kit us out.

Although a secret slice of ocean doesn’t happen to exist in west London, the pool we used went down to 10 metres and was a big enough space for us to play in and explore for the hour.

scuba diving pool london school of diving

We couldn’t have asked for better instructors. We had one-on-one attention the whole time, and they continually encouraged us to try out different breathing techniques and moves underwater (after they showed me how to sit upside down 9 metres under, I was amazed and had to stay like that for as long as I could!) and were quick and helpful when correcting us.

So will I go scuba diving again?

That’s not really the question after this session. The real question is, how soon until I start getting the PADI certification?

Visit: London School of Diving, 11 Power Road, London W4 5PT. Tube Gunnersbury.

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